staycation and aftermath

Went back to work Monday after my wonderful week-long holiday.  It was fantastic.  I didn’t do a thing and have no regrets.  I did, however, eat a ton of crap.  Over the course of seven days, I ended up eating a pumpkin cheesecake, a pumpkin cupcake, another pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, pumpkin spice cake donuts, pumpkin spice latte, and a pumpkin spiced danish.  Now, my reasoning is pretty simple.  All the pumpkin-flavored items are seasonal.  If I didn’t snatch up that goodness, I’d have to wait until next year.  I was literally eating that stuff like it was going out of style…because it was.

I also enjoyed watching AMC’s Fearfest, which included a Friday the 13th marathon and random horror movies.  I also Netflixed the Saw movies and played some Resident Evil 6.  Also, the premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum and freaking The Walking Dead!  It was all about the gore and the gluttony and it was great.

It was just nice to relax and enjoy waking up late and going to bed late and being lazy.  I didn’t even shave.  I’ve been wanting to grow a beard for a while now, mostly because I never have before and wanted to see if I could pull one off.  No Shave November is next month and I thought I’d participate but I also wanted to get a couple of week’s head start.  I thought if I grew a pre-beard now, it wouldn’t look so shabby when Thanksgiving came around. 

And then I went back to work and any energy I had managed to recover last week was gone within the first 15 minutes.  But everyone liked the facial hair.  I expected negative reactions but they were actually overwhelmingly positive.

Work girlfriend’s jaw dropped and she gasped.  I thought it was out of disgust but she later told me it was because she thought I looked really attractive, to the point she couldn’t look at me without getting a little excited.  That was a good little confidence booster.  And let me just add really quick, because I’ve already said I didn’t want to really mention her anymore, she text blasted my phone the week I was gone.  It was actually kind of annoying.  It’s like, go text your boyfriend.  I’m unavailable over here, being awesome growing a beard and blowing heads off zombies.  Back off my dick, ya know?


So, work sucks.  I came back with an IDGAF attitude, which probably wasn’t the best because I had to train two new girls my first day back.  Work is gearing up for the Christmas rush so they’ve hired a bunch of losers to stand at the counter and struggle to make change for the next two months and I’m over it.

It was also brought to my attention that a lot of drama went down while I was gone.  I’m starting to believe that, while there’s always going to be some sort of drama anywhere you go, it seems to be more concentrated in small towns.  Forgive me if I’m wrong but I just think that drama, much like pregnancy, is prolific simply because there’s nothing better to do.  It’s like, we can either go into the woods for a quick poke or start a rumor about Leona and her body pillow.

I just feel like, why can’t we all get along?  What do you get from lying or telling half-truths or flat out making crap up?  We all hate our jobs and we all hate the customers so why can’t we come together to counteract our putrid patrons?

I’m just tired of the same crap and feel like I can’t trust anyone there.  They’re all so sneaky and it’s unfortunate they spend their energy being destructive.  I understand I’m one cynical mofo but I don’t go around tearing people down every chance I get.  So, basically, everyone can suck it.

Man, I love October.    

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