chap flap

A few days ago, at work, a female coworker (FC) came up to me to get more change for her register.  I’d guess she’s in her 50s but I think her smoking has played a part in her looks.  For all I know, she could be 36 but her face is a spiderweb of wrinkles underneath a dull gray bob of hair.  Her bright blue eyes are bloodshot inside a ring of thick clumped mascara.  She always smells of coffee and cigarettes, which probably contributes to her brown teeth.  She’s also from Arizona so she’s not a stuffy Southern prude so I know I can have fun with her.

FC:  “So, I bought some men’s sleep pants the other day.”

me:  “Oh yeah?”

FC:  “Yeah.”  She waved her hands over her crotch.

me:  “Problem?”

FC:  “Well, I forgot about that front flap.  I’ll have to sew that up.  It’s chilly.”

me:  “Oh, yeah.  A little breezy there?”

FC:  “Yeah!”

me:  “Chapped lips?”

FC:  “Huh?”

me:  “Nothing.” 

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