christmas kitty

Our tree came out really well this year so I thought I’d share some pictures.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/desired holiday of choice/day off from work and/or school.

Not the standard tree topper.  I like it.
Moses says, “Where are all my presents?”
“Seriously.  I’ll lie here until you bring them.”
“This is where I want you to put all of my presents.  And then I’ll eat the bows.”

Tree at work.  We didn’t have toppers so someone slapped a Santa hat on and stuffed them in the empty spots on the tree.  I think it worked.
My co-worker designed the fireplace and painted the fire.  I think she did great!  We all designed our own stockings.
I went with a simple argyle design and opted not to use the stickers.
And here’s our finished tree at home with all the prezzies.  Moses says, “Finally!”
“That’s much better.  I can’t wait until Christmas.  I know there’s catnip in there.”


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