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my book Scab is available now!


After more than five years of writing, planning, editing, and worrying, I’m proud to announce that my book Scab is now available to purchase.

When Brannon Jackson enters a reputable college, his dreams of becoming an artist quickly crumble. His dorm room is a dump. His roommate is a horny hipster. And one of his first professors is a tyrant packaged in pixie form. Things get worse when he inherits secondhand stink on the college bus, stumbles into a series of sexual situations, and nearly gets kicked out of his assigned housing.

Brannon’s priorities go from purchasing paints to preventing panic attacks as he attempts to navigate the complex and frightening word of human relations. Stunted by several social pitfalls, including public speaking, dating strangers, and escalating tension with his roommate, he soon discovers his college course load is the easy part. It’s the people placed in his path who aren’t providing passing marks.

Combining heartbreak and hilarity, this coming-of-age confessional composites a portrait of a young man’s attempt to become an artist and adult in an environment of hot weather, cold hearts, and an abundance of art school nudity.

Since I am a new author, I’ve set the price of my book at 99 cents for a limited time only. I want the reader to feel comfortable taking a chance on me and my book. If you purchase it and it’s not your cup of tea, you didn’t waste a whole lot of money.

And unlike the new 50 Shades book, you don’t have to feel ashamed about owning mine.

You can order the e-book version here.

If you don’t have an e-book reader, no problem! You can download the free Kindle reading app to your computer. Get it here.

If you prefer a physical copy, no worries. The paperback version will be added soon. I’ll keep you updated.

And I would appreciate it so much if you would help me spread the word. You can tweet my book’s availability if you’d like.

You can also share the link to my book on your social media:

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Once you’ve finished, if you enjoyed the book, please take a minute to leave a review. It will help me tremendously.

Also, if you don’t mind, you can use the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post to spread the word on social media. Thank you so much! This has been a long time coming and it feels good to finally be able to share my book with the world.